Spanish with top professionals!

Our teachers

Our team is made up of native teachers with many years of experience teaching Spanish who are very  involved in student learning.

Not only will you learn Spanish during your online classes, but we will teach you about culture, traditions, gastronomy and life in Spain.

If you want, you can choose the teacher that best suits your specialty. If not, we will assign you a teacher.

 It will be a pleasure to teach you Spanish!


Mayra Bercianos

Spanish teacher

I'm Mayra and I'm a Spanish teacher at TLCdénia. I have travelled extensively throughout Europe, America and I lived in Australia for six years and that is why it is very easy for me to connect with foreign students. My passions are culture, travel, gastronomy, cinema, music and art.

With me you will practice real situations of daily life in Spanish! My classes are very practical.

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Beatriz García

Spanish teacher

I am Beatriz and I am a Spanish teacher at TLCdénia. I like to teach Spanish because it allows me to get to know the world through my students.

I lived a year in Germany to perfect German and a few months in Cape Town. My hobbies are cinema, music, gastronomy and shopping.

My Spanish classes are a fun and dynamic experience!

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Patricia Penadés

Spanish teacher

I am Patricia, a Spanish teacher at TLCdénia since 2008. My passions are travelling, doing sports, photography and doing crafts such as scrapbooking.

Teaching is my vocation: from a very young age I loved to help my classmates.

For me being a teacher is very rewarding for many reasons, especially when I see positive results in my students.

I would love to be part of your learning!

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Irene Prats

Head of Studies

I am Irene, Head of Studies and teacher of Spanish in TLCdénia since 2004. I love teaching Spanish because I feel that I can transmit a lot of knowledge not only of the language, but also of the culture and traditions of my country.

I am passionate about languages ​​and getting to know other cultures and countries. I love to travel and enjoy the beach and the mountain.

If you want I can tell you everything you need to know about Spain and about Spanish! For me, it would be my pleasure.

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Sonia Pérez

Teacher of Spanish and English

I'm Sonia and I'm a Spanish teacher at TLCdénia. I like teaching Spanish because it allows students to learn more about our culture and helps them to be part of it.
I love to travel because I can to discover new cultures, meet people from other countries and experience their gastronomy.
I lived in Australia for two years and I was able to meet people from various countries with whom I shared many experiences and discovered new things about their cultures.
I would be happy to help you with your learning!

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Michael Danes

English teacher

I am an English teacher originally from Yorkshire but have lived in London and the South West of England. I have 6 years teaching experience.

I am interested in Current Affairs, art, gastronomy, and wine. I also enjoy reading especially historical novels.

My English lessons are lively, interactive and conversationally based. I look forward to starting lessons with you!

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Rosa Pérez

Spanish teacher

I'm Rosa and I'm a Spanish teacher at TLCdénia. I love traveling, reading, fitness and I am passionate about the audiovisual world. I have lived in Ireland and Scotland and I love teaching Spanish using audiovisual resources: series, shorts, films, music ... If you want to learn Spanish in a different and fun way, I will be happy to help you.

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Lucía Candela

Teacher of Spanish and English

I love travelling and getting to know other places, and I think that to really immerse yourself in a culture you have to understand its language. What I like the most about teaching Spanish is seeing how my students take this step, and being able to share it with them. At the same time, I also learn from their vision of the world, which is a very enriching experience for me.

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Paula Barrero

Spanish teacher

I am Paula and I am a Spanish teacher at TLCdénia. My passions are traveling, photography, videogames, cinema and literature.

From a young age I always knew that I would like to dedicate myself to teaching. Working at TLCdénia is a wonderful opportunity to demonstrate the beauty of the Spanish language and  where my students learn about the culture of my country and me about theirs.

Come and join me on this fantastic learning journey, I am waiting for you!

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