Michael Danes

English teacher

I am an English teacher originally from Yorkshire but have lived in London and the South West of England. I have 6 years teaching experience.

I am interested in Current Affairs, art, gastronomy, and wine. I also enjoy reading especially historical novels.

My English lessons are lively, interactive and conversationally based. I look forward to starting lessons with you!

Education and Teaching Experience

I have the following qualifications:

Batchelor Degree in Economics and History (3 years)
A post graduate degree - PGCE in Secondary Education
A TOEFL in English and Business English

I have been teaching English to all levels for 6 years


I teach general English to all levels

I specialise in Business English which enables me to combine my English teaching skills with over 20 years’ experience in business in London

I do curriculum support for children and students

I prepare students for the official Cambridge and Oxford Exams (from B1 to C1)