Lucía Candela

Teacher of Spanish and English

I love travelling and getting to know other places, and I think that to really immerse yourself in a culture you have to understand its language. What I like the most about teaching Spanish is seeing how my students take this step, and being able to share it with them. At the same time, I also learn from their vision of the world, which is a very enriching experience for me.

Also, at TLCdénia we have a great time!

Teaching and learning languages ​​is exciting. I love to link the origin of words with their use and their meaning. There are always some funny curiosities behind  languages: For example, have you ever stopped to think why the first meal of the day is called that, breakfast? De-fasting means breaking the fast. Just like in English…. break-fast!

My way of teaching is enjoyable and practical. I am flexible and adapt well to the needs of my students.

Education and Teaching Experience

I first trained as an agronomist and did a Master's Degree in Landscaping. But I am also fascinated by human beings, sociology and education, so I studied a Master’s in the sector and specialized in Spanish as a Foreign Language with the University of Zaragoza, which has the international accreditation of the Instituto Cervantes.

I have been collaborating with Tlc Dénia since 2018 teaching classes, mainly online, but also face-to-face.

I am also a Yoga teacher and hold an internationally certified qualification (Gobinde Yoga, Valencia) and a sailing instructor (fixed rig sports technician).


I specialize in general Spanish for adults at intermediate levels A2-B1, but I teach at all levels.

In addition, I am specialized in teaching technical Spanish in the food, agronomic and nautical sectors.

My own continued professional development and training has given me additional expertise in the fields of sociolinguistics and gamification (an approach and technique used to motivate students to learn by using video game design and game elements in learning environments).


Lucía is available at different times. Please, check with us.