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TLC Denia Formació SL
CIF: B-54025556
Alicante Commercial Registry
Document: 1/2005 / 16,343.0
Journal: 211
Seat: 204
Tomo 2955
Company Book 0
Folio 46
Sheet # -93435
First Registration

C / Barbacana nº 15, 03700 Denia (Spain)
Phone: +34 96 642 36 72
Fax: +34 96 578 35 95


TLCdénia is formed by TLC Denia Formació SL. It is a multidisciplinary training academy, which is subdivided into three large areas according to the services offered:

- Area  of Spanish courses: Online Spanish courses are offered to students from abroad. They are provided using the website

- Area  of Spanish Courses: Spanish courses are offered in Spain for students from abroad. They are offered using the website

- Area of Foreign language courses: Mainly language courses for Spanish students. They are offered using the website


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The data requested are those strictly necessary for the correct identification of the sender, to perform basic tasks of administration and respond to commercial requests or information on their part. TLCdénia insists on its commitment of responsible and confidential use of the data, guaranteeing that the data of the users will be treated in accordance with the legal requirements, and that will only be used by TLCdénia and the companies of its service environment for the indicated purpose .

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In case it is facilitated, the User must properly guard the "User Name" and "Password" provided by TLCdénia, as identifiers and enablers for access to the different services offered on the website, committing themselves Not to cede their use or to allow access to them from third parties, assuming responsibility for damages and losses that may arise from improper use of them.

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Do not introduce, store or diffuse through the website any computer program, data, virus, code, or any other file that is susceptible to cause damages or any alteration in the website, in any of the services, or in any Of the equipment, systems or networks of TLCdénia, of any User, or in general of any third party, that can prevent the normal operation of the same.

Do not destroy, alter, use for your use, disable or damage data, information, programs, electronic documents, or, in general, files, TLCdénia, Users or third parties.

TLCdénia may, at any time and without previous notice, modify the present General Conditions, as well as the Particular Conditions that, if any, are included, by publishing such modifications on the website in order that they may be known by the users.

And accepting all this understands that:

Disclaimer of liability

TLCdénia will not be responsible:

  • In general, regarding the inappropriate use of your website. The users must make an appropriate use of it, in accordance with the previous conditions and terms, without any liability may have the owner for misuse.

  • Regarding possible technical deficiencies. TLCdénia will not be responsible in any case of the alterations in the service that may occur due to failures in the electrical network, in the connection network of data, in the server or in any services.

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