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We are a Spanish language school located in Dénia (Spain).

If you can not come to Spain, you can learn Spanish in the living room of your house, in the subway, on the beach, in your office, ... choose your favorite corner and one of our teachers will guide you in your learning.

Experience the Spanish language and culture from anywhere in the world.

Live this great experience!

Accredited center

Over 30 years teaching

1. Choose your teacher

Look at the profile of the teachers and choose the one you like most

2. Choose date and time

Choose the most convenient time for your class

3. Enjoy learning

Discover the wonderful world of the Spanish language.

Step 1

Choose a course and book a course package. You can also choose a teacher if their availability  matches yours.

Step 2

Book your classes and then we will inform you about our available schedules.

Step 3

Enjoy learning Spanish. Follow the advice of your teacher and take advantage of the classes as much as you can.

If you have any further questions, check out our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)