Dafne González

Spanish Teacher

I am Dafne and I´m a teacher of Spanish and English at TLCdénia. I like to help people achieve their goals. From the first time I entered a classroom, I knew that it was my passion.

I love reading, cooking, especially pastries and wandering around the countryside and along the beach. In my classes you will learn and have fun at the same time!

Education and Teaching Experience

I have a PhD in Education, a Masters in Applied Linguistics and a degree in Philology in Modern Languages.

I have been teaching Spanish and English for many years at all educational levels.


I specialize in general Spanish for adults from A1 to C2.

Business Spanish. Learn to develop language for the work environment. From preparing your Curriculum Vitae, to making a presentation in Spanish.

My Spanish conversation classes are based on real life situations both on a personal and profesional level.

Spanish to travel. I teach you the vocabulary and expressions you need to tour a Spanish speaking country. Conversation in the hotel, in the restaurant, in the street, in the shops, in the supermarket, how to ask for directions and much more.

Hispanic-American Culture. I´ll pass on my knowledge about Spanish American culture. Cultures and traditions that you will love!